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Wednesday, January 23, 2019
360 Torrance

Contact us today! * On select units only * Welcome to convenience and comfort at 360 Torrance Street. 360 Torrance Street is situated east of Brant and Lakeshore Road in Burlington, just steps from the shores of Lake Ontario and conveniently located within a beautiful and vibrant waterfront community. This building features newly landscaped grounds and many suites with stunning views of the lake. There are also plenty of amenities to make you comfortable including an outdoor pool, barbecue area, laundry facilities, $45.00 for above and $60.00 for underground parking. 3 bedrooms, approx. 1240 sq ft. Our goal every day is to provide you with superior service that will make living easy, convenient and comfortable for you. Visit www.vertica.ca for more details. Watch YouTube Video for more details.

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